Seeking Shalom

Client: Focused Community Strategies

What we love about Focused Community Strategies is, well, everything! What other Christian ministry do you know that changes the face of entire urban neighborhoods through housing and economic development projects that promote justice and shalom? Simply amazing.

We partnered with FCS as they launched their first online video training series by giving the package a striking visual identity. Check out that hidden cross in the center of the logo mark, and how about that fly t-shirt!

Sweet Harmony

Client: Dunwoody Community Church

Like many churches, Dunwoody Community Church has been through a lot in the past few years. Leadership changes, tricky economies, and even a bit of a congregation split.

Wanting to celebrate the grace of God through all of the tumult, we were commissioned to design theme artwork for a celebration of togetherness, complete with bluegrass music, square dancing, and a barbecue cook-off.

Foundations of Faith

Client: Christ’s Church Greenville

When the world debates the origins of the world, what better time to have an open discussion about it in church? That’s exactly what Christ’s Church Greenville did, and we designed some playful artwork to promote the series of messages. Everything here is hand crafted, drawn, cut, and transformed into digital assets for print, screen, and web deliverables.

The Wonder of His Word

Client: Moody Publishers

Moody Publishers encourages thousands of people each day with amazing resources like books, Bible studies, and devotionals. We illustrated this concept for an issue of their devotional magazine for women’s ministry leaders.

Everything you see here was drawn right in our studio – check out that calligraphy!

Global Prayer Journey

Client: Encompass World Partners

Encompass World Partners decided to launch an annual 30-day prayer and giving initiative to support missionaries sent from international churches. We were thrilled to get to work on designing a visual brand system and crafting the print and digital deliverables for the campaign. The goal was to give the campaign an independent identity that complemented and strengthened the parent brand of the organization.

The Epic of God

Client: Start 2 Finish Books

A Christian publishing house growing at an amazing rate, Start 2 Finish Books publishes amazing, encouraging non-fiction volumes addressing all manner of Biblical and topical issues.

We love designing book jackets for Start 2 Finish, including this EPIC one. One of their best sellers, The Epic of God explores the masterful and stunning creation of the earth and everything in it.