Josh started Evangela Creative in 2004. When he is not working (and when would that be?), he loves to ride his bike, build stuff with power tools, and run ragged with his three boys.



If you have ever worked with Evangela Creative, then you know Lisa – because she manages just about everything around here! She throws a mean birthday party, and she cooks an award-winning red sauce.


Sara will dazzle you with her art and design skills. If you’ve ever looked at a draft we sent and said ‘wow’, then you have probably seen her work. She designs like she serves people, from the heart.


A photography and social media expert, Molly is probably the one that made the connection with you. Insanely talented, she is the best multitasker in the western hemisphere.


What has two thumbs and likes to make videos? This guy! We present to you the super-talented Tim. You will never meet anyone with a more willing spirit or niftier plaid shirts.


If it involves words and punctuation, there’s no one better than Ian. In addition to crafting copy, he spends his time mentoring children and youth in the International Village of Atlanta.


Evangela Creative runs on Margaret. She keeps the books, pays Uncle Sam, and keeps us all in line. When she steps away from Quickbooks, she is working on converting an old school bus into a family RV.